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USS Trinity


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Command: Command is pretty self explanitory: they command the ship. Some of the positions in Command are large: CO and XO, while some are small, Morale Officer or Yeoman.
Flight Deck: The flight deck is another thing that will not often be used. The Chief Flight Deck Officer does not actually fly shuttles, and neither does his assistant. Fighter Pilots and Shuttle Pilots do the flying. Until there are both shuttle pilots and a Flight Deck officer, however, the Flight Deck Officers may fly shuttles. Flight Deck is also used to fly any ships found unmanned. Fighter pilots are part of the marines
Engineering: All engineers must choose a specialty: one set of subsystems that that engineer does best in. Engineers deal with the HARDWARE of the ship. Electrical systems belong in the domain of Ops.
Medical/Science: Scientists must choose a specialty: a science that the scientist knows most about.
Security/Tactical: Security's domain is inside the ship. While it can help marines or be helped by marines, they usually do not go off the ship. They are also responsible for guarding important personel. Tactical's job is to defend the ship against the enemy. While the helmsman pilots, the Tactical officer coordinates maneuvers and fires the weapons.
Ops: Operations (Ops) is responsible for controlling power across the ship. The holodecks and the computer core are also Ops domains, although the Ops officers do not actually fix holodecks, only program and debug. Ops also keeps track of what happens in the simm and sends out summaries at every 20 posts.
Strategic Operations: Strategic Ops coordinates all battle movements (except when the CO or XO intervene.)
Diplomats/Civillians: Diplomats can be dignitaries of foriegn races or Starfleet's arm to other races. Civillians can run the bar, be the family of other crewmembers, can teach the children of crewmembers, can be retired crewmembers or disabled crewmembers. Diplomats are also underused, because the Borg will listen to nobody. However, First Contacts fall right into the Diplomat's domain, and they are very important.
INTEL: Intelligence's job is to infiltrate both enemy lines and conspiracies within Starfleet. INTEL is one of the most dangerous posts on the ship: even INTEL itself is a hazard to INTEL officers.
Conselling: Counsellors counsel. They are not the only ones that can help needy patients: Barbers and Bartenders can also pull this job off.
Marines: Marines do the fighting off of the ship. They also run the fighters of the fleet.
Temporal: Temporal Investigations are some of the most challenging and mind-boggling departments. Temporal's job is to handle all ship movement within past timezones. Temporal Investigations are the guardians of the past: they keep history moving along it's original plan.
Shadow Ops: Shadow Ops are similar to INTEL except that Shadow Ops don't infiltrate: they break into high security areas and perform some sort of mission, and then exfiltrate.

Sample Post
Post with your character as a Lt. JG and head of whatever department you applied for, unless you are a civillian or you are using Idea #1.
Idea #1: Kobayashi Maru
You are the CO of a Miranda class cruiser that responded to a Starbase's distress call. You have to delay an invading force of three Borg ships as long as possible. However, there is a hitch. Every time you destroy one Borg ship, three more drop out of Warp. Remember, Borg shields adjust to phasers. You can't just sit and blow it to shore leave. This is a no-win situation.
Idea #2: Shore Leave
You have several hours to kill at Deep Space Nine. Keep your character busy for as long as possible.
Idea #3 Gilligan's Planet
You are stranded on a desert planet. You make up the particulars of your incarceration. Wait for the shuttle that will bring you home.
Idea #4 Emergency!
Pick an emergency that would be handled by your department. Then handle it.