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USS Trinity
NFN: Neo Fleet News


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This is NFN: Informing you of Neo Fleet's Movements Across The Galaxy!
NFN: Now For The News!

Recent Events

Our Ship's News
The USS Trinity has officially been launched! In a ceremony today, Admiral Millet Stern spoke the words that are on the commission plate, "We Travel To The Stars To Revel In Their Light."
Tactical Group 3 has been mobilized! The USS Trinity has been deployed to the Fluxion wormhole, in order to ascertain the damage done to the past by the recently discovered wormhole.
The wormhole leads into the past: 2290, near Ferenginar. The SS Killjoy discovered it earlier today, and both the SS Killjoy and the Fluxion have been declared quarantined until Temporal Division can determine the amount of damage done to our history.


Do You Want More?

Do you want more news? Do you want to know every little stir in the Fleet? Look no further! Tune into Dirk Tracy's live broadcasts from where he not only tells you the news: he lets you live it.