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USS Trinity
Neo Fleet


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Our Charter

The Charter of Neo Fleet:
To boldly go to that final frontier and to boldy defend that frontier from the oppresors of freedom and happiness, we are the bullwark that will carry on this great tradition of defense, we are the guardians of the just and honorable, and we will fight to defend all that is such.
-Fleet Admiral Trance Sonar
The Charter of Tactical Group 3:
Tactical Group 3 will seek out the Borg and destroy them. They will also defend the rest of the fleet, and be the first unit to aid any forces under attack.
-Admiral Millet Stern

Captain's Log

So far the USS Trinity has not yet been activated. It's CO has just been appointed, and the rest of the ship is awaiting crew.

Chain of Command

The CO of the ship is Admiral Millet Stern. His direct superior is Fleet Admiral Sonar. Beyond that is the President of the Federation and the Council, but they contribute little to the fleet.
The Master Chief Petty Officer has not been appointed yet.
Security forces fall under the domain of their CO and the Chief JAG Officer: Commodore James Tucker.
Marines fall under the domain of the Marine CO, Major General Sara Boseman.
The Diplomatic Corps falls under the domain of Commodore Tristan Gem.