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Brigadier General Tawodi Watie

Federation News Network: So General, how is MACO approaching this threat?

Tawodi Watie: We're astablishing parimiters in the region, and performing recon missions to find the attackers. When we find them, we will procede to kick their [unprintable].

FNN: Do you have any thoughts on what these unidentified attackers are?

TW: Might be Romulans, might be Klingons, might be the Borg Queen on PMS.

FNN: How much of a threat do you think this is?

TW: We're determining that as we speak.

FNN: Are you planning on joining your forces, or orchestrating from Starbase 98?

TW: That information is classified right now.

FNN: One last question: do you have anything you want to tell our readers?

TW: Yea. Cover your ears. 'Coz when we find these [unprintable], there's gonna be one big [unprintable] explosion.

FNN: Thank you for your time, General.
TW: No prob.

Admiral Millet Stern

Federation News Network: Hello, Vice Admiral Stern. What's it like being #1 in Neo Fleet?
Stern: Well, I don't like it as much as I would have thought. After Admiral Sonar took an extended Leave of Abscence, I was rather unhappy. Of course, I took the job readily - I want his brainchild to be fine when he comes back.
FFN: What's your immediate goal for Neo?
Stern: Well, of course, we need to get it off the ground. I've gotten the Harbinger off the ground, and we're working on more. In a couple days it will be relaunched.
FFN: We're given to understand that you are in the habit of surprise inspections?
Stern: Well, nobody can really be sure when a Borg cube is going to attack. Even when a ship is on leave, it should be ready at all times to quickly withdraw its crew. Now, I don't actually withdraw the crew, but I do have my own method for testing.
FFN: Do the CO's under you object to this?
Stern: Actually, no. I'm very good about them not knowing. *laughs*
FFN: Are you planning on taking command of a ship?
Stern: I am planning on taking a ship, as soon as the Harbinger's crew grows. It's a little undermanned now. I'll likely dub it the USS Wolf 359.
FFN: That's an interesting name...what made you choose it?
Stern: Well, there's the USS Gettysburg, and the USS Shiloh, and other ones named after famous battles, so obviously the greatest battle of the last hundred years should have a mention, in honor of the men that died.
FFN: You were there, weren't you?
Stern: That's all the time I have, I'm afraid. Please leave, so I can get to my business.
FFN: Alright, thank you for your time.