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Fleet Wide News

This is the area where all news that impacts the entire fleet is broadcasted. News regarding the Admiralty, about Fleet movements, or Borg movements, are all located here.

Three Ships Destroyed
Early this morning, the USS Sutak-B was suddenly destroyed. Soon afterwards, the USS Shiloh was destroyed, although it managed to transmit a distress signal. When the USS Vigilant and the SS Talon's Pride answered the Shiloh's distress signal, they were ambushed. The Vigilant was destroyed, and the SS Talon's Pride escaped.
Panic ensued at Starbase 98, where the SS Talon's Pride arrived. Rumors of a ship that was completely invisible and did not occupy space-time flew, before Commander Jeffries managed to clamp down in a station wide address.
"The destructions are being investigated," Commander Jeffries announced. "But we do not believe that these wild rumors are true. There is a much more rational explanation. You are all safe."
Tycho Davis, senior Public Relations Officer at Starbase 98, hastened to give a Press Conference.
"An initial investigation revealed that ships have in the past been able to fire under cloak. However, sensor logs indicate that the Romulans were not involved in this attack, and the Klingons deny any responsibility for this act. Reconnaisance by the 17th Fighter Division did not find any evidence of a Dominion, Borg, or any other hostile race in the area. We believe this is a new race. A think tank is working on this problem at Starfleet HQ in San Francisco."
Neo Fleet, the recently comissioned fleet that is centered at Starbase 98, was mobilized for the purpose of investigating.
"This is what Neo's all about," said an anonymous official in Neo Fleet. "I won't say much more, but I can tell you that Neo intends to deal harshly with this threat."
This statement seemed confirmed when the new Neo Fleet MACO was scrambled and sent into the territory. Brigadier General Tawodi Watie, once General in the Army of Tennessee on Earth, has been given command of the MACO.
The USS Sutak-B was one of the few predominantly Vulcan ships in Starfleet. Sutak has had its photon cannons and phaser banks sealed over to show that the Vulcan crew was completely devoted to peace.
"It was an admirable sentiment," commented Dan Wathers, a Political Science professor on Starbase 98. "But it didn't serve them well."

USS Harbringer Launched
The USS Harbinger's launched today, rather earlier than expected. The Harbinger was docked at Starbase 98 waiting a relaunch ceremony when the USS Vesta was suddenly hijacked, eyewitnesses reported.
Commander Reginald Jeffries was much surprised when he was alerted that the USS Vesta, Defiant Class, had been released by its docking clamps, and had blasted out the Space Dock doors.
NeoFleet's Public Relations Officer, Trent Daisley, would not give any details on the USS Vesta, which was in for a short leave at the Starbase.
"We will give more information on the Vesta as soon as we deem it safe," was Daisley's only comment.
An unconfirmed report from one of Admiral Stern's aides claims that the Admiral was aboard the USS Harbinger when it left dock in pursuit of the USS Vesta. Security aboard Starbase 93 said that Admiral Stern was not found on the Starbase, but they are not ruling out the possibility that he was aboard the Vesta.
"Stern was always a man to give surprise inspections," Commander Jeffries said when interviewed. "He might have inspected the Vesta during the kidnapping, or the Harbinger. I hope and pray he is aboard the Harbinger - Commodore Vorran is very competent."
Commodore Vorran was not available for comment.

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