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Yo Dirk...?

What is "Bosun" short for? What is the MLSS? And why did the Captain order you to put it at 110%?
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Dear Dirk,
What's this I see in the news? A ship that can fire while cloaked?! When did this technology happen, and why weren't we warned?
Worried at 98
Dear Worried at 98,
A valid question. The technology to fire while cloaked originated with the Klingons. We're not exactly sure when, as this information is still classified, but we do know that this information was present during the Khitomer Peace Talks. The USS Enterprise-A and USS Excelsior destroyed that ship, however, and no other specimens of that technology exist in the Klingon fleet today.
One theory is that the Romulans may have developed that technology. This is plausible, as they are the originators of the cloaking device. Information on whether or not this is true will likely become available if Captain Riker's peace talks are successful.
Another theory is that the Dominion or Borg have come up with these technologies. This I find highly unlikely. The Borg and Dominion usually do not use sophisticated tactics - they prefer a brute force approach to overpower their enemies. Losses to them are insignificant.
Therefore, I believe, as does Starfleet, that this is evidence of a new race, perhaps from the Delta or Gamma quadrants. Or from some new galaxy altogether - we don't know yet how advanced.
Dirk Gently.
Hey all,
Do drop me a line with your questions, and I will try and answer them as best as I can. This is an advice column for you!
Dirk Tracy