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Neo Fleet Task Force 3


Contact Us

We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.

How Can You Join?

To join we need you to send your completed application to
Here's what you need to fill out:
RPG Experience:
Character's Name:
Character's Race:
Character's Physical Attributes:
Character's History:
Position To Be Applied For:
You will be contacted shortly by the Admiral. If you are accepted, he will tell you the nearest position to the one you applied for.

Who Can Join?

Anybody may join Tactical Group 3. Basic knowledge of Star Trek would be very helpful, but it isn't impossible to survive without it.

Commanding Officer Requirements

If you want to apply for command of a starship, there are some stricter requirements. Some knowledge of Star Trek is required. You must be able to create a webpage for your ship, and a yahoogroup/msn group/smartgroup for your ship to simm on. You must have at least a little RPG experience. If you do not, you can ask to simm for a while upon the Flagship, USS Trinity, until the Admiral feels you can take command of a Starship.

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