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USS Trinity
Millet Stern's Bio


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Admiral Millet Stern

CO, USS Trinity
Admiral Millet Stern did not start out an Admiral when he was born in Jerusalem, Earth. He soon developed a history of becoming enflamed about something and pursuing it until its conclusion.

Therefore, it surprised nobody when he joined Starfleet academy. In his fourth year, he served upon the USS Kyushu in the Battle of Wolf 359. The ship went down and almost lost all hands, except that he took over the helm from the dead hands of Ensign Jakob Renisto, and piloted the ship under the wreck of the USS Niagra. Unfortunately, the ship still exploded, and most of the survivors were taken down. What few lifepods were left were not destroyed because they used the USS Niagra for Cover.

Stern was trapped in the wreckage of the Niagra as the wreckage of the Kyushu drifted away and was cut in pieces by the Borg. When the USS Amberjack, Oberth Class, came by to save the survivors, Stern was almost left behind.

Stern continued his career until the Dominion War where he was promoted to Captain for surviving it as a first officer. He was then promoted to Vice Admiral for his defusing a situation that nearly became the Battle of the Badlands. Not very long after, the USS Voyager returned, and the Maquis returned to Starfleet.

Stern was promoted to Full Admiral by Fleet Admiral Trance Sonar to commemorate those victories, and became Fleet XO of Neo Fleet from the command chair of the USS Trinity.

Service History:
Awarded Medals:
Distinguished Service: For service during the Battle of the Badlands
Purple Heart: For injuries sustained during Wolf 359
Conspicuous Gallantry: For service during Wolf 359

Admiral Millet Stern